“I live in Mexico because of the weather, the surfing, and the lifestyle” – Jesse Ventura

Another Baja Voice

You gotta love Mr. Jesse Ventura for telling it like it is. From Professional wrestler, to Governor of Minnesota, and now back in the States promoting his latest book out on paperback “Don’t start the revolution without me” Jesse tells it like it is on Larry King Live.

Of particular interest to us and the reason why I think he looks so refreshed are his comments about his time living in Baja.

“surfing is a dedication, and it is a life dedication, and if someone were that dedicated to religion, would [you] call them a religious bum?” – Jesse Ventura

Always, on point and willing to stand up for his beliefs. Jesse Ventura’s comments regarding living in Baja are quite the opposite of main stream news media (cartel gun battles, swine flu, and corruption, etc.)

Jesse’s comments reflect our underlying conviction that we did the right thing – we are living our lives down in Baja. We experience the region first hand and know it and cherish it for what it is. A great place: the people, the culture, the lifestyle.

I wish this message could reach others, but the addiction to fear that runs throughout the USA media outlets unfortunately needs to run its course. In the mean time, we will continue to explore, understand, and live our lives.

The Truth:

Once you have lived down in Mexico, coming to the USA takes on a totally different meaning as in this story.

In the words or our ex-patriot neighbor from New Jersey, who has lived down in Baja for over 10 years  “My people’s are crazy”.